12 October 2007

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04 October 2007

Time of my life

My boyfriend and I went down to Akumal in the beginning of September and it was fantastic! It was my first visit to the Riviera Maya and I can't wait to go back. We went down with a group of 6 friends and stayed in Casa del Sol. The house was amazing. The outdoor kitchen was a great place for us all to get together at night for dinner and we spent quite a bit of time there. If we wanted a little peace and quite the house was large enough to accommodate us all with room to spare. We were just steps away from the lagoon where we could stand on the foot bridge and watch the fish swimming in the crystal clear water. Some of us, myself included, went snorkeling in the lagoon. It was beautiful. The snorkeling was only topped by the scuba diving. It was my first time and I loved it; easily my favorite part of the trip.

Staying in Akumal was great. The restaurants in town are fantastic with plenty to choose from. The bakery has a great breakfast menu and La Buena Vida is a bar like no other. I could have never left town and been perfectly happy with my 10 days in paradise.

Of course we did leave town, visiting the ruins in Tulum and 5th Ave in Playa as well as Aktun Chen (a great cave system just minutes from Akumal). Staying in Akumal gave us the peaceful time on the beach that we wanted, but still put us within about 30 minutes or less of about everything we wanted to do.

We have been home for a few weeks now and we are still talking about what a great time we had. The only problem with my vacation was that it ended!

03 October 2007

A little hurricane debris isn’t going to stop me!

A group of 8 of us went down Sep. 6 through the 16th of Sep. '07', just a few weeks after Dean visited to the south. I just have to say WHAT A GREAT TRIP! We stayed in Casa del Sol and it was spectacular. The house is huge and beautiful with lots of character, perfect for a large group like ours. My girlfriend and I were the first to arrive so we picked out our room and I took her around town to show her around. As a former Akumal local, I knew the good spots, but they aren't hard to find in Akumal. The rest of the group arrived a few hours later and the fun began! We had two birthdays while we were there and what a blast. We had one at La Buena Vida, one of the best bars in the world. The other, we went to La Cueva del Chongo in Playa del Carmen. The atmosphere was like you are in the jungle with a water fall running through it, it's pretty cool.

On the first Sunday we went to Chitzen itza (the big Mayan ruins near Merida). It was the first time most of the group had seen anything like it. The ruins are well restored and well maintained. During the rest of the week everyone enjoyed the activities available in Akumal such as messages at the spa, scuba diving, sky cycling, snorkeling and much more. My girlfriend enjoyed the scuba diving the most, it was her first experience and now she won't quit talking about it.

So, all in all we didn't let a little hurricane debris stop us, it sure didn't stop the fun in the area. There was still a little debris around that was being cleaned up but other than that you would never know that a hurricane like that had been so close. Thanks Sydney and Leslie for the house, it was the best!

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