13 February 2008

New Akumal Road

With all of the roadwork happening on 307, we are happy to report we’ve had some in Akumal as well. Everyone who visits or lives in Akumal wish the entire road to be completed, but at this point we will take what comes our way!

For those of you who have traveled it, the stretch of road (when you just leave town past CEA, to the tennis courts) was almost surely mentioned and talked about. It got much worse during the rainy season but didn’t stay intact very long once it was “repaired”. That term is used loosly as it was repaired numerous times throughout the year. It was acceptable at times but unbearable most of the year.

It’s finally been paved and a sidewalk has been built for pedestrians. This is good news considering now the “tope” (speedbump) has been removed, it seems to be a green light for vehicles to pick up their speed.

It looks great, is easily drivable and much easier on our cars!!!

08 February 2008

Oscar y Lalo's has changed locations

If you thought you spotted Oscar y Lalo’s off 307 you were correct. They haven’t expanded, they just moved!

The once pristine and traditional spot at the end of Soliman Bay is now set on the jungle side. Only the location has changed, everything else remains the same. Their specialty is still seafood and a great place whether for a nice dinner or a more casual lunch. Although you can’t look out onto the bay, the lush jungle has its own inviting atmosphere. Located on 307 directly across the street from the entrance of Soliman Bay, it is more conveniently located for those not staying there. Soliman Bay is 4 km south of Xel-Ha, you can't miss the large sign on the highway.


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