23 October 2008


It's been a long time since I arrived at the Cancun airport without prearranged transport to Akumal. Traveling this year with my little dog, I didn't consider it would be a factor in finding transport. I was of course bombarded by the timeshare salesmen and taxi drivers and spent a little time talking to a few about transport options.

The bus to Playa del Carmen was definitely the cheapest option. It leaves the airport every hour and goes directly to Playa del Carmen. They are nice clean comfortable buses. You then grab a taxi from the bus station in Playa to Akumal.

The collectivos also run shuttle buses now from the airport to different locations along the coast line. You are grouped with up to 15 different people so it does take a little longer since they have multiple spots. The cost to get to Akumal was $47 US per person. This seemed like the best option. However, after talking to 4 different people they would not allow me on the bus with my little dog.

Thankfully there were other options and I ended up taking a private taxi to Akumal. At first they quoted me a cost of $156 US which they later dropped to $100 US and I allowed me to take my dog! I was quite impressed with how clean and new the taxi was. I quickly fastened my seatbelt and my little dog and made it to Akumal safe and sound! - Leslie

Check back for more updates from Leslie's return trip Akumal. Coming Soon!

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