20 May 2009


PUBLIC RELEASE, May 15th. 2009

The State Governor, Lic. Félix A. González Canto, confirmed that with the withdrawal of travel restrictions by the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador, the recovery of tourism in the destinations of Quintana Roo will be immediate.

In the last few days more than 90 thousand tourists have arrived in Quintana Roo, showing their preference for traveling to tourist destinations in the Mexican Caribbean. It is anticipated that with the new reservations that are currently being generated, tourist activity in the state is clearly in a period of recovery.

The State Ministry of Tourism (Sedetur) announced that activities in the Mexican Caribbean’s tourist destinations have intensified, and that they will play host during the next few days to the 3rd edition of the Sacred Mayan Journey, the 4th International Open Water Swimming Marathon, Cancun – Isla Mujeres, the National Fishing Tournament in Cozumel and the XX Sport Fishing Tournament in Puerto Morelos, events in which participation is expected by a large number of sports enthusiasts, journalists and attendees from Mexico and abroad.

The state secretariat pointed out that The Sacred Mayan Journey, to be held from the 21st to the 23rd of May, promises to be the most spectacular ever, with the participation of 30 canoes, each eight metres in length, with crews of six to eight rowers, who will cross, during a period of almost 7 hours, the 28 kilometres of the Cozumel Channel, from Xcaret to the Island of Swallows, and the next day cross back to Playa del Carmen.

The Sacred Mayan Journey is a recreation of the ancient ritual pilgrimage to “Polé” - now Xcaret - made by the peoples who inhabited the Yucatan Peninsula, with the intention of setting sail to “Cuzamil” (Cozumel) to worship the Goddess Ix Chel
(Goddess of Fertility) and consult her oracle, the only one that existed in the entire region.

Similarly there is great expectation surrounding the XX Sport Fishing Tournament in Puerto Morelos, organized from the 29th of May to the 1st of June, a traditional sporting celebration which brings together more than 100 vessels and 500 fishing enthusiasts. The winners will receive attractive prizes, which include complimentary stays in renowned hotels of the Mexican Caribbean.

At 50 years since its foundation, the pioneers and founders of Akumal will celebrate this extraordinary occasion with diverse activities. The festivities will begin on Friday the 29th of May with various photographic exhibitions and the “premiere” of a video entitled “Akumal half a century ago”. The festivity will continue on Saturday the 30th with the “Night of the Matancero Expedition”, starting at 6.30 pm, and on Sunday the 31st of May with an underwater treasure hunt at the reef.

Finally, for the 30th of May, with the slogan “Put your Heart into Swimming”, the 4th International Open Water Swimming Marathon, Cancun – Isla Mujeres, a magnificent event endorsed by the Mexican Swimming Federation which promotes this sport, will take place, supporting charitable causes in a family atmosphere of goodwill.

The State Ministry of Tourism reiterated that the Mexican Caribbean is an ideal place for holding aquatic events and a perfect location for deep sea diving, swimming and snorkeling enthusiasts, who this very year will be able to enjoy the first stage of the Cancun Underwater Sculpture Museum, an ambitious project which plans to submerge 200 sculptures that will serve as new reefs and refuges for multicolored fish.

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