13 July 2009

Sea Turtle Adventure August 9 - 15, 2009

Sea Turtles have been returning to the beaches of Akumal and the Mexican Caribbean to nest for centuries. This is our legacy, to ensure their safe return to Akumal beaches for generations to come.

Beginning in May and through September, female sea turtles will make their way out of the sea to the beaches where they will hopefully dig their nests and deposit eggs. A female sea turtle may come ashore many times before finally laying her eggs.

The eggs mature in 58 days. Right around the beginning of July we will see baby turtles dig their way out of their nests and begin the journey back to the sea.

Minnesota Zoo with the help of Just Imagine Vacations, Inc have organized a week-long Sea Turtle Camp in Akumal. The camp is for students in Grades 10 - 12. Students will work nights with the CEA, Centro Ecologico, Akumal's Turtle Protection Program staff and volunteers.

During the nesting season, CEA turtle biologists, interns and volunteers walk the beaches of Akumal in search of turtle nests, nesting female turtles and hatchlings. Volunteers have been helping the CEA Turtle Team by reporting sightings of turtles, turtle tracks, nests, or hatchlings. See the CEA'S Visitor Programs for more information.

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