15 September 2009

Festival de Tortugas Marinas Tulum Fri. October 16, 2009 - Sun. October 18, 2009

The traditional Tulum Sea Turtle Festival will take place from October 16 - October 18th. The event is organized by the Flora, Fauna and Culture of Mexico organization (FFCM) and other companies as well as the public and government organizations of Tulum and Solidaridad.

The Sea Turtle Festival is a free event for the whole family, and encourages the participants to learn about sea turtles that are considered to be endangered species, and to familiarize themselves with the various organizations that are trying to protect them. Many artistic, environmental and cultural activities will also be a part of the festival. And... for the first time in its history and due to its big success and additional day has been added in order to do some more environmental activities and baby turtle releases in Akumal.

Currently, the Festival is conducted as a joint effort of civil society, private and government sectors in which companies and organizations such as the Parque Xcaret, Akumal Ecological Center, the CESIAK, the House of Culture Tulum, Xel-Ha Park, the Autonomous University of Quintana Roo, Tulum Municipality, the Municipality of Solidaridad, Global Vision International, Echo Bay Foundation, Workshops Zero, the Commission of Natural Protected Natural Areas, the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment State Government of Quintana Roo, the Directorate-Xcacelito Xcacel Sanctuary, the Hotel Nueva Vida de Ramiro, Save the Children Foundation and the Origins of Quintana Roo.

Activities are organized by various associations and institutions dedicated to environmental and cultural work, such as the Ecological Center of Akumal, the Eco Bahia Foundation and the Environmental Management Department of Tulum and Solidaridad’s municipalities. Also, the Sea Turtle Sanctuary Xcacel-Xcacelito will recreate a collective experience through a symbolic liberation of the baby sea turtles. Each participant will be able to be a part of this project, which is a tribute to the oldest inhabitants of our beaches and sea.

If your in the area, come join the fun!

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