16 February 2010

5th Annual CEA Festival - Treat Our Water Well

Akumal Direct will once again be sponsoring the "Wine and Cheese Table" at this year's CEA Festival in Akumal, February 17th & 18th. Please stop by and say hello!

For more information visit Centro Ecologico Akumal or contact Paula Cook or Alma Boada via email at info@ceakumal.org

This year’s theme, “Treat Our Water Well” is the top priority for 2010. Here are some ways everyone can help.

CEA's Tips to Treat Our Water Well:

• Please don't waste water; make sure faucets are turned off.
• Protect trees, forests and jungles to prevent soil erosion and sedimentation.
• Don’t pollute ground water with cleaning solvents, chemicals, cigarettes, or sanitary napkins.
• Connect your house to adequate drainage systems, septic tanks or wetlands.
• Separate organics and grease.
• Use biodegradable sunblock.
• Don't leave any trash on the beach.
• Capture rainwater for use in the garden.

We are proud to continue to be a part of this annual event. Hope to see you there!
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