22 March 2010

WHAT DID I SEE? by author David Nuñez

Have you ever wondered what that fish was you saw while snorkeling? Or how to tell Akumal’s famous sea turtles apart? If you’ve always wanted to know more about the wildlife you enjoy on vacation but are overwhelmed by science books, WHAT DID I SEE? is the book for you.

Written and self-published by former Akumal resident and frequent visitor David Nuñez. This friendly bilingual guidebook features over a hundred photographs of the region’s most colorful and easy to identify animals, including sections on fish, birds, reptiles, mammals and corals. Many of the photos were taken by right here in Akumal!

David is dedicating 20% of the profits from his book to environmental conservation works through Mexiconservacion, a non-profit environmental group based in Tulum which he co-founded in 2006. So pick up a copy next time you’re in Akumal. You can find it at the Hideaway Boutique (next to the bakery) and at the El Pueblito convenience store.

p.s. David is also looking for a US-based publisher to target tourists before they even catch that flight to Cancun, so if you have any contacts, let him know!

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