16 June 2010

Riviera Maya Tourism Initiative Announces a Culinary Event for 2010

Press Release: Taste of Playa 2010
November 21 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

June 15, 2010 - Playa del Carmen, Mexico – Playa del Carmen’s second annual Taste of Playa festival has been announced for November 21, 2010. Taste of Playa 2010 will be held on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean, and offers residents and visitors alike an extraordinary opportunity to sample a wide variety of cuisines created by many of the Riviera Maya’s international chefs. Based on the overwhelming success of last year’s event, Taste of Playa 2010 is expected to attract twice as many attendees.

Taste of Playa was originally conceived in early 2009 by a group of Playa del Carmen business owners who wanted to highlight the community of the Riviera Maya, a basic component that built the region over the past 10 years. The Mayan Riviera was developed in a spirit of multi-cultural cooperation, with people from all over the world coming to this region because of it beautiful beaches, dense jungle and unique history. Taste of Playa is an event that celebrates the international community that has evolved in this area and has put it on the map as a major vacation destination. With over 700 restaurants in Playa del Carmen, and 1000 in the region, it was a natural transition to highlight food as the common denominator to celebrate the area.

“We are pleased to see so many local businesses cooperating to make this event a success,” said event Chairperson Nicola Inwood. “This sense of community is what drew me to the area, makes me proud to call the Riviera Maya my home.” The day-long culinary event was so well received that Taste of Playa 2010 is being expanded to accommodate twice as many restaurants, bars and specialty food retailers. Distinctive restaurants and their chefs from all along the Riviera Maya will return to showcase new menu items and highlight old favorites. Many others are looking forward to participating for the first time.

Most of last year’s corporate sponsors have already pledged their support for Taste of Playa 2010, with LocoGringo.com and Buy Playa Real Estate Advisors, Deli Playa, Puerto Aventuras Info, and North American Standards Property Management among the first to renew their commitment as an acknowledgment that the culinary expertise in the region has assisted in the development of their businesses successes.

Taste of Playa is a community-oriented culinary event that celebrates the creativity and diverse cultural influences of chefs throughout the Riviera Maya. Taste of Playa 2010 will take place on November 21, 2010, in Playa del Carmen’s Parque Fundadores. The event is open to the public with tickets and all-inclusive VIP passes available for sale on the official event website www.tasteofplaya.com starting July 1, 2010. Proceeds will go to a food education program initiated by the Rotary Club in Playa del Carmen that will directly benefit the children and families of the Riviera Maya.

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celtdownunder said...

Culinary Tourism really should be at the heart of any destinations promotion. And I wish to congratulate Playa del Carmen on wishing to present what is unique and memorable from a food/beverage perspective.
Every visitor will eat and drink at least once a day-keep your visitors happy with great food and you have just increased the opportunity for repeat business.
Mexico has such a wealth of culinary culture and I wish you well with your event.
The World Summit on Culinary Tourism is taking place in Canada later this year and would be an excellent opportunity for all involved in the exciting tourism niche to model great practice and pick up new ideas! Info can be found here

Look forward to seeing you all.


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