17 September 2007

Highway Construction on 307

I have been in the Akumal area for the last couple of weeks and wanted to drop a note to let everyone who will be arriving in the next few weeks knows about the construction on Hwy 307 in front of Akumal, Jade Bay, and South Akumal. Having a 4 lane highway is very nice but until it is finished things are changing every day.

To enter North Akumal you will drive past the pueblo entrance and use the retorno right after the second tope (speed bump). This has been completed and will not be changing in the immediate future.

Akumal Beach Resort entrance is blocked off today. You can take the access road which runs on the east side (beach side) of the highway from the entrance at north Akumal. I am sure this will be changing in the next week.

Jade Bay is also only accessible from the access road.

At this time there are no signs of Akumal Sur. The entrance is located 1.7 kilometers south of the north Akumal entrance. There is a large billboard for Bahia Principe on the west side. There is also construction on the west side of the road right now.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to email us if you need more information at info@akumaldirect.com. Have a great vacation! Leslie

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