04 September 2007

Life after Dean

I've just returned from Akumal and my trip south to Mahahual. Its amazing to see how much was accomplished in just 1 week. Pools are cleaned and filled, gardens cleared of debris and tourists moving in. The road in front of La Buena Vida/Vista del Mar continues to improve but this is where the waves washed through. The rest of the Akumal road is as it usually is in the rainy season, pretty bumpy.

La Buena Vida is ahead of schedule and they opened last Thursday night. They have a new menu, new staff and an overall new feel. This combined with its usual charm has Akumal a bit more lively these days.

All of the properties are opened, except Akumal Beach Resort which will open September 15th. It was nice to see the amount of cleanup work they are doing, and the beach looks untouched.

All restaurants are open as are all local businesses. The beaches took on the power of Dean gracefully, and once again persevered. We've gotten up, brushed off the sand as we gear up for high season. We were fortunate, but in the storms path, others were not.

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