27 August 2007

Las Tortugas

Another devastating aspect of hurricanes is the turtles that nest during this season. You can see nests of Loggerhead and Green turtles beginning as early as April and hatch up through October/November. Data presented by CEA (Centro Ecologico Akumal) indicated that almost half of the nests were damaged by the storm surge. Eight nests were able to be rescued with successful releases post hurricane. Of the 141 nests documented before the storm, 73 were able to hatch and get to sea. The great news is, they began nesting again just 2 days after Dean rolled through, they must know there's only a few more months to make up for lost time! As with all of our non-human friends, they are more aware of natural disasters than we are. Visit www.ceakumal.org for info on CEA and the turtles.

I am heading south myself today, to wear my other hat. Along with the Humane Society International and the Humane Soc. of the United States and their Disaster Service team, we are going to Mahahual/Xcalak and Chetumal to assess the damage and the situation with the animals. I will be documenting the trip so stay posted.

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