23 August 2007

Hurricane Dean Update

Thank you to everyone who has sent on their concern and support for friends and neighbors in the Riviera Maya. We have been so lucky and we are sending our thoughts well wishes to people of the Costa Maya and Chetumal.

In Akumal clean up is well under way and in some cases complete. Electricity has been restored, phone and internet service are working well. The road to Half Moon Bay remains closed although clean up has begun. With the exception of a very few properties, most will be operational within days.

The Akumal Beach Resort is closed for the next week and is not accepting arrivals at this time. If you are arriving post August 30, your reservationis unaffected.

The Cancun Airport is open, however it is operating at a lower capacity for now. Please check with your airline.

Playa del Carmen is open for business.

Turtle Bay began serving breakfast yesterday and we hear that La Lunita will be reopening within days if not tonight!

If you are arriving after August 30, 3007 your reservation is unaffected by Hurriance Dean. Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions at info@akumaldirect.com. Thanks again!

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