25 August 2007

5 days post Dean

I've arrived in Akumal, and pleasantly surprised by the progress thus far. What I noticed before I even entered town was the vegetation and how green and lush it still looks. From what we experienced with Emily and then Wilma shortly afterward, it wasn't nearly as bad. Although the cleanup is no small job, its moving along rapidly. The photos we've seen just days before are nothing compared to what it looks like now.

I walked South Akumal and Half Moon Bay today to find dozens of homes and condos coming together, feeling positive about what I saw. It does look like a tropical storm came through in some places but every day marks huge improvements.

I want to stop and take a moment to thank the managers and caretakers who have been working round the clock ensuring our area have a speedy recovery. And they are. Sand and rocks have been cleared from pools and gardens are being cleaned. It makes us realize the people behind the scenes, the ones that make sure you have a comfortable stay. They are the ones that fare the storm and are ready to begin working once it passes. We want to thank each and every one of you for all the hard work, none of us would have what we do without you!

Thank goodness Cueva del Pescador and Que Onda are open for dinner and the ever-faithful, post-hurricane Turtle Bay keeps us fed throughout the day! It really is business as usual around here.

Many of us who live here have also become accustomed to seeing one of the few beach dogs left in the Akumal area. He can be seen at the bakery scrounging bacon for breakfast, hanging with visitors during the day and normally at a dog loving tourists place for dinner. Not a bad life for a dog you may think. But during times like these, they're on their own and "Cane" is one of those dogs. Noone knows where he hunkered down during Dean but it wasn't shortly afterward he surfaced again. He was named today by his new friends he found in South Akumal and looking like nothing ever happened. We also have some good turtle news....I'll leave that for tomorrow.

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